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Darkstalkers Competition Entry: Konohana
Character Name: Konohana
Monster Type: Kitsune
Fighting Style: Mystic Warrior
Physical Desc:
She has long, silver hair which shines like silk where a pair of silver fox ears stick out, hanging delicately from her features.
Her eyes are a pale yellow, shining like the moonlight in the night sky.
Her face is that of a 20 year old woman, delicate and flawless, her nose small, yet slightly curved. Her lips are small and just as delicate, almost red with no need for cosmetic aid. Her skin is fair and white like the ideal Japanese woman's. Her cheeks also possess whisker-like lines.
Her body is lithe and toned, built like a dancer yet several times as flexible. Small tufts of silver fur adorn her body in elegant patterns, from her shoulders, chest, stomach and waist, two which sprouts six silver tails which elegantly wave about as if independently of their owner. Her arms and legs end in feet and hands small, sharp nails, further showing her Kitsune nature.
Her attire is that of a warrior pr
:icongorgon-medusa:Gorgon-Medusa 1 0
Darkstalkers Competition Entry: Ahklys
Character Name: Akhlys
Monster Type: Empusa
Fighting Style: Magic Berserker
Physical Desc:
Her black hair is long and unkempt, possessing a wild appearance as it flows down her body. The ends float as black flames cover them.
Her eyes are blood red with black sclera, as if looking into death itself.
Her face is that of a 26 year old woman, without flaw and fair complexion, with a a small yet strait nose. Her ears are pointed like an elf's and her lips are thin, her mouth hiding her fangs. Her skin is pale like a vampires.
Her body is slender and well-toned, built for speed and hunting with accuracy. Her shoulders, arms, body, and legs are covered in blue-green scales which shine like metal, only leaving a V of pale skin on her neck, chest and upper back. Her bust and hips are of modest size, yet no less alluring. From her backside flows a silky black, tail which looks not unlike a wolf's also ending in black embers which flow as it waves about. Her hands and feet are human-like with cl
:icongorgon-medusa:Gorgon-Medusa 0 0
Moonbathing by Gorgon-Medusa Moonbathing :icongorgon-medusa:Gorgon-Medusa 1 0
Aeon Aegis
Basic Settings
Catagory Icon [White Wing] [Star] [Black Wing]
Quest Name: Aeon Aegis
Edit Lock: On
Battle Format: Round-Robin
Summary: A girl with no past and an uncertain future. Where will her journey take her?
Background: Order's Sanctuary
BGM: Prelude - Menu
1 - Lightning [Bottom]: Where is this place..? Why am I here..?
2 - Quest: No Character [Top]: At last, you have come to us, Casta Medora..
3 - Lightning [Bottom]: Who're you? How do you know my name?
4 - Quest: No Character [Top]: I am Tiamat. And you are our chosen.
5 - Lightning [Bottom]: Chosen?
6 - Quest: No Character [Top]: You were destined for us. To set us free.
7 - Quest: No Character [Top]: If you wish to know more, seek us out.
8 - Effect: Close Window (Top)
9 - Lightning [Bottom]: Maybe if I find her, I'll find those girls too..
10 - Lightning [Bottom]: And I might learn about my past..
11 - Lightning [Bottom]: Wait..! Something's coming..!
12 - Effect: Pair (Close Window (Bottom). Fade Out (Black))
:icongorgon-medusa:Gorgon-Medusa 0 0
My Duodecim Rules
Seal Summon
To challenge opponents by deactivating all available summons. Simple enough to understand.
As increasing the EX Gauge is a real problem in Duodecim, this is made to quicken the process, most effective with an EX Build.
EX Core Appearance Rate: 2
EX Core Absorbtion : 400
EX Force Absorbtion: 3500
EX Mode Duration: 120
EX Break Rate: 0
EX Revenge Duration: 5
In addition, Force to Courage must be disabled as this sacrifices EX for Bravery, which can cause headaches in most cases. Note, this does not affect story mode. This rule is most common for my quests.
Will Alone
Simply put, this rule disables both EX and Assist, leaving the combatants with only their summons as helpers. No other changes are made. Obviously, this makes both EX and Assist builds useless.
This rule has no real purpose other than to mine ghosts. All rules for Godslayer apply with the addition of Initial Stage Bravery being set to 1000.
:icongorgon-medusa:Gorgon-Medusa 0 0
Long ago, I was born from an eternal void
Along with my brothers and sisters
Born from nothing to create everything
I am Night, I am Nyx
Compared to my siblings, I am small
Earth and Underworld stand fast and tall
Desire flies high and aims far
Darkness spreads and blankets all
I am small and hard to notice
Even Father is so much bigger than I am
I am small but still significant
At least, that's how Darkness makes me feel
My wings are big, he says
If I spread them more often, I can cover the sky
My wings are soft, he says
If I wrapped them around Earth, she'd enjoy it
My eyes are clear, he says
They sparkle even in the dark
My eyes are bright, he says
They can reflect a pure soul
Darkness is kind to me
He tells me I am wonderful
He tells me I am pure
I can't help that, I fell in love
Darkness and I fly in the sky
He holds me with strong arms
I carry him with large wings
We dance.. and we create
I share the sky now with Day and Light
Many other children I have given life to
And I blanke
:icongorgon-medusa:Gorgon-Medusa 0 0
I hang from the ceiling.. in the dark..
No light can pierce the torturing blackness..
My strings hold me tight, as does my master..
Without any resistance.. I'm forced to do his bidding..
He pulls on my strings when he wants to..
He crushes my desires at will..
He forces me to throw away my wishes..
For I am the puppet, and he the puppeteer..
In the darkness I am consumed..
With thoughts of those I love..
Fear strikes through my deepest defenses..
For I may be forced to hurt them..
A rose in one hand, a dagger in the other..
I have no control over how I make them feel..
It depends on what my master wants..
For I am the puppet, and he the puppeteer..
One girl catches my eye.. one of beauty and grace divine..
I want to get close to her.. I want to touch her..
I wish to get as close as I can..
So I am allowed forward and approached this girl against my master..
I've seen her happy, I've seen her sad..
And love began to grow in my heart..
I wanted what was best for her..
And I always did i
:icongorgon-medusa:Gorgon-Medusa 2 1
A Goddess Walks
The night is calm and beautiful tonight,
That means she's happy.
Everything is sound tonight,
For she is happy.
Everything is right with the world,
For the Goddess is happy.
When it rains, she cries
And all must weep with her
It rains because she cries,
For nothing can bear a hurting Goddess.
When Tempests roll around, Nature is angy
For someone has hurt her,
Thunder and Lightning clash through the skies,
As they search for her offender,
For those who hurt a Goddess can only be Demons.
When it is sunny, she's full of life
And Nature can only respond by being happy as well.
Blossoms bloom with her graceful hand,
The creatures head the songs of her enchanting voice,
For she has blessed them with her beautiful image today.
Life swoons with her emotions,
For they feel what she feels,
As she holds their hearts,
And they love her.
The Goddess is happy tonight,
So happy and filled with beauty
That all have to be happy as well.
For she has walked this world far too long
With a lonely song some
:icongorgon-medusa:Gorgon-Medusa 2 1


Rider Medusa by moai666 Rider Medusa :iconmoai666:moai666 86 20 damn you witchblade i hought i was done with you by nebezial damn you witchblade i hought i was done with you :iconnebezial:nebezial 990 48 witchblade i would like to draw... by nebezial witchblade i would like to draw... :iconnebezial:nebezial 818 89 ugh... witchblade and darknes-jane and tony.... by nebezial ugh... witchblade and darknes-jane and tony.... :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,032 74 i hear voices..... by nebezial i hear voices..... :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,749 220 Medusa's Saviour Resubmit by sakimichan Medusa's Saviour Resubmit :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 17,809 949 The Secret of NIMH by GENZOMAN The Secret of NIMH :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 6,387 618 Dissidia 012 Rinoa and Alts by new-world-eve Dissidia 012 Rinoa and Alts :iconnew-world-eve:new-world-eve 211 34 Shanoa from Castlevania no.2 by darkness127 Shanoa from Castlevania no.2 :icondarkness127:darkness127 245 17 Shanoa from Castlevania by darkness127 Shanoa from Castlevania :icondarkness127:darkness127 257 25 ImagineOnline:Empusa by Kuromeru-u ImagineOnline:Empusa :iconkuromeru-u:Kuromeru-u 18 10 Pegasus Night Journal Skin by mxlove Pegasus Night Journal Skin :iconmxlove:mxlove 3,280 471 PPGD - Battle Universe intro by J8d PPGD - Battle Universe intro :iconj8d:J8d 1,473 431 PPGD - Battle Universe poster by J8d PPGD - Battle Universe poster :iconj8d:J8d 1,334 138 Grim tales cast by bleedman Grim tales cast :iconbleedman:bleedman 4,851 791 Styx by Celtreny Styx :iconceltreny:Celtreny 70 19


So, since getting a job has become more difficult than getting in and out of Hades, I've decided I'm going to start freelancing to try and earn money. Not only that, I will also be doing commission writing from any requests. Some samples will be posted soon. Until then, here's some guidelines to keep in mind. Most of them are pretty elementary though.

1) You will not be asked to pay upfront. You will be billed upon completion and transmission/ posting of the work.

2) Unless stated otherwise, the work will appear on my DeviantArt page and/ or any other social media I am apart of.

3) If the commission is for a fanfiction of one or more Movie/ TV show/ Anime/ Comic/ Manga/ Game I have limited or no knowledge of, please be patient as I familiarise myself with it before writing.

4) If the commission is original, or contains original characters, please give me details on said characters and/ or the universe they live in. Otherwise, you can give me free reign over such things, but at least a little detail will be required.

5) I have the right to refuse commissions of any kind. This will mostly occur if it's for something I don't like or holds little to no respect towards the source material.

6) I will NOT write erotica. This may be temporary or permanent, but all commissions for erotica WILL be refused. Should this change, I will note what I will or will not write.

7) On request, I will plug my own characters into the story in some way or form. I have not decided yet if I should extra for this.

8) I'm sorry, but I will not give refunds for stories you don't like. This is for practice as well as for work. If you don't like it, just delete it or don't read it.

9) Just provide a basic plot idea or concept and let me work. No breathing down my neck about it either. I will refuse or cancel a commission if I feel like I'm being controlled.

10) A story takes time to write, and I'll also be writing my own things, as well as doing my freelance work. Therefore, keep in mind that I will not quit a story unless I state so. In such cases the work will not be considered complete, and therefore, you will not be billed.

I'm currently working on how exactly I will be charging for commissions. Even then, I gotta sort out things with my bank for EFT services. I'll also be working on a website using wix. Please stay tuned for that.

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